Bluffton Home Series


The Town of Bluffton offers assistance to income-qualified residents interested in purchasing a home through the Bluffton home series. The Workforce Homeownership Program seeks to accomplish the following:

Increase homeownership opportunities to low and moderate income families;


Increase affordable workforce housing within the Town of Bluffton;


Expand assessability to quality, affordable housing options for infill development and redevelopment that preserves the Towns culture, character and history;


Improve the quality of existing housing stock by offering options for poor quality housing;


Increase opportunities for homeowners to build wealth through equity by offering options for replacing manufactured homes with permanent constructed homes; and


Create a livable, sustainable community with enhance quality of life.

Homebuyer Education and Credit Counseling;


A $5,000 grant towards the purchase of a home within the Bluffton Home Series;


Up to $1,750 towards the cost for engineering, design, and site planning;


Permit and Other Fee Waivers; and


Up to $3,000 for the cost of removal of an existing home that is been replaced by a home built under this program.

Potential Assistance*

*  Level of assistance is dependent upon availability of funding. Only single – family home designs within the Home Series are eligible for this program.

Workforce Homeownership Program

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